Specialty coffee in the Practicum Library

Welcome to our study zone! We've got the coffee to energize you and the cozy vibes to help you get creative.

inside of the coffee shop
  • Hours:
  • Monday – Friday (10:00 – 19:00)
  • Saturday – Sunday (11:00 – 18:00)
200 Success Avenue, The Town of Practicum


Check out some recipes we've collected for your home-brewing convenience:

  • Aeropress recipe

    ~5 min

  • French press recipe

    ~15 min

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About the coffee shop

Our coffee shop is located in the Practicum Library's hall. It features 6 tables and free WiFi.

Our main mission is keeping guests cozy and energized.

Besides that, we try to reduce our environmental impact — so we don't sell single-use cups. But you can buy one of our reusable cups!